Wish Soap Project

The Wish Soap project is a partnership with Colorado-based Colorado Creative Soaps. CCS makes incredible handmade, all-natural soaps from ingredients like goats milk and essential oils.

Colorado Creative Soaps has now made a special soap just for the Trampled Rose. Scented with essential oils, and emblazoned with the Trampled Rose logo, this soap is as functional as it is beautiful.

Buy yours here:

Colorado Creative Soap

About the Wish Soap Project

Each bar of soap that you buy goes to help bring back dignity to our girls. When you buy one of these beautiful bars of soap, the profit supplies a girl with clothes soap, body soap and vaseline.  Soap is very expensive and unavailable in the rural areas and for many of our girls, this is the first time they will own soap at all.  In our evaluation of last year, the girls named having soap for the first time as their third most important value from the help of Trampled Rose (the first was “owning ” themselves, the second was the relief TR help  had brought to their families). Buying this wonderful soap goes a long way to helping these girls!