Trampled Rose Girls

The mission behind the Trampled Rose program is to keep girls in school, while providing the girls dignity and love along the way. The girls we help live in rural Ethiopian villages and are in the most need of assistance. Many of them are orphaned or disabled.

In the 2017-2018 school year, we supported 330 Ethiopian girls in five villages. That year, all 38 seniors graduated, and 37 of them received full scholarships to go to university. We estimate 95% of these 330 girls would not be in school without the help of Trampled Rose.

How it Works:

In the Trampled Rose program, each girl is given her own bank account and provided funds (this number changes according to exchange rate) per month. With this money, she is empowered to make the best financial choices for herself to stay in school. These choices can include purchasing text books, uniforms, school supplies, menstrual care, food, or shelter. Some of the girls even choose to use a portion of the money to help their siblings stay in school. We believe that allowing the girls to make these decisions gives them lessons in responsibility, but also gives them the control to make the appropriate choice for her own needs.