Trampled Rose- Empowering Young Women in EthiopiaRoyal Adventure Program

The Royal Adventure is a program of Trampled Rose in cooperation with the Rotary Club of East Colorado Springs in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It teaches the following lessons:

1. You are valuable

2. Your dreams matter

3.  The key to happiness is helping other people.

We teach The Royal Adventure throughout the world. When we teach it annually to our TR girls we include a phoenetic English literacy training and the Rotary four way Ethics test elaborate on this more –
We also teach this same reading literacy to first through third graders in a Yemen Mosque in Ethiopia. The Royal Adventure can last for a few hours or a few days, depending upon specific needs. what areas make sense? How can people invite you to teach it? How long is the program, how is it funded, who can learn this? Any facts/statistics around this program? Our pilot project impression evaluations have indicated that the English taught in the Royal Adventure aids the girls as they are taking their National Exam (in English) in tenth grade and again in thier senior year.  The results on this test determine each girls career path. But even more effective have been the teaching about the courage of the ancient Persian Queen, Esther.