Muki Turi Update, 2016

Trampled Rose sponsored 19 girls in Muki Turi for the school year 2015-2016.

Six were seniors, four of which graduated with a full scholarship to university. Their areas of study range from Electrical Engineering to Business Administration. Their school director was telling us how tears just burst from their eyes as she told them their good news. These girls are competing with girls and boys from all over Ethiopia. They burst into tears when the school director told them the good news. She tells Trampled Rose that we have helped them break the yoke of poverty.

Three girls were in tenth grade. One, Betelihem Habtamu, passed the national exam to continue on to preparatory school. This is a very difficult exam. The girls are in competition with all the girls and boys in the woreda of Alem Ketema and the competition is very strong for the one preparatory school. The other two, Zenebu Birhanu and Birtukan H/Mariam, will continue their education at the technical school.

The ten juniors all passed to their senior year and are excited and hopeful to be able to pass the national exam for a full scholarship to university.









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