We keep girls in school by providing:

A home

  • Food
  • School uniforms (Required)
  • School supplies (Required)
  • Menstrual care
  • Awareness about their own bodies
  • and LOVE

Trampled Rose’s purpose is to keep girls in school in the most loving way possible and to do it with respect and dignity believing that each life from all nationalities and races are created with a beautiful and special purpose and that education is a basic step towards that destiny.

See How You Can Help

Relocating Orphans closer to schools

The girls Trampled Rose helps are the most needy. The first of this group is girls who are orphans. They are too old to be candidates for adoption but too young to support themselves.


Trampled Rose provides rental housing to girls who live more than one and one half hour walk from school. Some of the girls in our program walk more than nine hours one way to reach school.


Uniforms are mandatory in order for the girls to be able to attend government schools. Often this is the only piece of clothing the girls owns and she even sleeps in her uniform.

School Supplies

There are mandatory types of school supplies. Before our help, we have seen as many as three girls sharing one pen and trying to quickly take notes while the teacher is lecturing and then pass it to the other girls.

Menstrual Care

One of the most important needs for the girls is menstrual supplies. When we were asking about the girls needs TR discovered that many girls miss up to one week per month of school due to their menstrual cycles. These menstrual supplies give the girls a chance to be in the classroom the entire month.

Food and Supplies

Hunger is the hardest of all the needs. Some of the girls are able to only eat once every two days. This makes concentration hard and much of their energy is focused on how to get their next meal. The girls helped by Trampled Rose grades have jumped because their focus is now school.

Health Care

Trampled Rose provides basic health care for the girls. One top student was almost unable to complete her last year of school because of Hepatitis. Thirty dollars saved her life and allowed her to help herself.