It Takes A Village – The Seed Sowers Plus

Sometimes we get the question, “How does Becky run the Trampled Rose all by herself?” The premise of the question is accurate — how could one person handle all that goes into running an organization like the Trampled Rose? But there is a falsity in the question as well — the idea that Becky does it alone. Which brings us to the title of this post — the “Seed Sowers Plus.”

In this picture is a group of women who have all made the long trip to Ethiopia to help the Trampled Rose and its mission to positively impact young women. This group is just a sample of a few people who have given so much to help move our organization forward and bring new hope to young women who had so little.

There is a saying that to raise a child, “it takes a village.” Well, at some level the Trampled Rose is trying to raise children and young women into reaching their full adulthood, and no one could ever do that alone. Along this incredible path, there have been many women and men who have help the Trampled Rose — through not only donations, but giving of time, talents, and energy. It never ceases to amaze.

So thank you to all of you who have been part of our journey, whether you’ve given money to sponsor a girl, flown across the globe to be hands-on with these young women who so desperately need us, or have simply contributed your positive thoughts and energy into making this dream a reality.

If you are looking to get more involved with the Trampled Rose, please let us know — we can always use more help!