Christmas Update 2022

Hello Becky of 2022. I hope you had a great year and that all your wishes are coming true. When you write the newsletter this year, write it after a big event, not when you are tired and in a hurry. Use your own words, they will be more impactful.


It’s with gratitude that I send you this preview of your girls You will also receive a proper mailing but I want you to see a part of your impact on the world before you settle into the beauty of the Holidays.

At Trampled Rose in Ethiopia, we reached our goal of visiting each village personally to meet with all 400 Trampled Rose girls. We did get into a bit of trouble on our way to see your project girls in Ankober. After that experience, we decided it was better for my husband to go “incognito” without me and he made it to reach our final girls.

Our message was one of stability. We assured them that the way our Trampled Rose organization is set up; they will receive their funds through the national bank and there will be no interruption of help. We asked them to set their focus only on doing well in their classes.

Most of our girls are orphans and they are especially vulnerable to any crisis. I returned to the USA for the holidays with everything for the girls sustainable until my return. We hope the predictions of coming food shortages prove to be wrong, but if they are true, all your little ones will be safe from famine.

I hope you enjoy reading about YOUR impact on the world during OUR generation.

XO Merry Christmas
Rebekah Kiser
Trampled Rose, Inc.