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Successful students pass exams for Universities

In the village of Alem Ketema four senior girls were sponsored by Trampled Rose. Each and every one received a full scholarship to universities in Ethiopia.


Ayehuachew Shita Alemu – Full scholarship to Arba Minch University in Natural and Computational Sciences


Merhabete Update, 2016

Each school has a steering committee made up of officials, members of the community, and girls in the program. When it is impossible for Becky to travel to a community, the committee will document and provide information on each of the girls. This all-volunteer committee in the […]

Muki Turi Update, 2016

Trampled Rose sponsored 19 girls in Muki Turi for the school year 2015-2016.

Six were seniors, four of which graduated with a full scholarship to university. Their areas of study range from Electrical Engineering to Business Administration. Their school director was telling us how tears just burst from […]

Rotary Report 2015-2016

The East Colorado Springs Rotary Fund of the Pikes Peak Community Foundation

Grant of $9,000 designated to further the goals of keeping Ethiopian girls in school.


Use and Effectiveness Report


Sheno, North Shoa, Ethiopia

Submitted June 13, 2016

Dear […]

The Rose Buds

Rose Buds is a group of 19 girls in Muki Turi and 31 in Alem Ketema.  Becky visited them the last part of February and had a chance to talk to each one who was in school that day.  She asked them the most important thing that had happened to them this last quarter; good […]

Ankober, Aliyu Amba, and Sheno

It had rained in the night and was threatening more, but we were able to negotiate what mud there was. In the rainy season (May-September) roads are impassable and Becky cannot make it to the villages. From Debre Berhan we were on winding dirt roads. Our driver slowed for ruts and hair-pin curves.

Views of the […]


April 22, 2015 – By Carola Frentzen

When girls in Africa have their period, they often miss several days the school. There is a lack not only of hygiene articles, but also of openness. But there are projects and ideas to improve things.

Addis Ababa / Muka Turi. (AP) So it looks in the Western world: On Send […]


That’s what a girl, probably 14-years old, said to a group of women visiting her school from Colorado–”I believe in change”–as a way of explaining what motivated her to continue her schooling despite obstacles that to most of us would prove insurmountable. As a part of The Trampled Rose Program, she was eligible […]

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