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There is Greatness in You!

We hope you enjoy reading Greatness in You, a lifestyle/leadership workbook currently being presented in two Ethiopian languages by graduates of Trampled Rose. Most of the girls we help are either orphans or are separated from their families and their advice. Thus, the need for this collection of “Pearls of Wisdom”. We do believe there is nothing more powerful than a girl with a wish.

Trampled Rose- Empowering Young Women in Ethiopia

Keeping girls in school in rural Ethiopia

Our Mission

The mission behind the Trampled Rose program is to keep girls in school, while providing each girl dignity, freedom and love along the way. The girls we help live in rural Ethiopian villages and are in the most need of assistance. Many of them are orphaned or disabled.

We have almost 400 girls in
school this year!

In the Trampled Rose program, each girl is given her own bank account and provided funds (this number changes according to exchange rate) per month. With this money, she is empowered to make the best financial choices for herself to stay in school. These choices can include purchasing text books, required uniforms, required school supplies, menstrual care, food, and/or shelter. Some of the girls even choose to use a portion of the money to help their siblings stay in school. We believe that allowing her to make these decisions gives her lessons in responsibility, as well as the ability to make the appropriate choice for her own needs.


How Trampled Rose Supports These Young Women


Many Trampled Rose girls live more than one and one half hour walk from school. Some of the girls in our program walk more than nine hours one way to reach school.


Uniforms are mandatory in order for the girls to be able to attend government schools. Often this is the only piece of clothing the girl owns. 

Trampled Rose- Empowering Young Women in Ethiopia School Supplies:

Before our help, we have seen as many as three girls sharing one pen. They would attempt to quickly take notes while the teacher was lecturing and then pass the pen to the other girls.

Menstrual Care:

This is one of the most important needs in Trampled Rose. Many girls would miss up to one week per month of school due to their menstrual cycles. Having access to menstrual supplies allows the girls a chance to be in the classroom the entire month.

Trampled Rose- Empowering Young Women in Ethiopia Food and Supplies:

Some of the girls were only able to only eat once every two days. This made concentration hard and much of their energy was focused on how to get their next meal.  Trampled Rose girls have drastically improved their classroom grades now that they are able to purchase food for themselves and focus their efforts on school.

Trampled Rose- Empowering Young Women in Ethiopia Health Care:

One top student was almost unable to complete her last year of school because of Hepatitis. The $25 she received from Trampled Rose each month saved her life by helping her pay for the care she needed. We have almost 400 girls in school this year!

Trampled Rose- Empowering Young Women in Ethiopia