Prevention is better than a cure.


Keeping girls in school through housing, food, health care, school supplies, menstrual care supplies, and uniforms.

No one should suffer a life of shame and isolation due to lack of education.


Teach a girl and you’ve educated a family and a community.

How can you help?

Make a pledge today. Sponsor a girl!

Sponsor a Girl – $25/Month


Sponsor a Girl for $25/Month

We have 373 girls in school this year!

The most helpful thing you can do today is to make a pledge to assist just one of these girls.

$25 per month will supply housing, food, school uniform, school supplies, menstrual care supplies, and most of all the hope that comes from knowing she is Loved.

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Hold a Wish Party

Invite your friends to hear about the needs of girls in Ethiopia.

(Contact us for details and supplies)



Participate in a fundraising Adventure Trip

Join us for a trip to Ethiopia. You will have a chance to help others, see the world and have lots of fun.

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Invite Becky to speak to your organization

Becky or someone from our speaking team will be happy to come tell you about life in Ethiopia. This is a chance for your book club, service club, or just friends to make a difference.

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There is a high dropout rate for girls between 8th and 9th grade.

The main reason for this dropout rate is purely economic.

We provide housing for girls who live more than a 1.5 hour walk from school, food, uniforms, medical care, menstrual support, school supplies, shoes, and hope.

This can all be done for $25 per month per girl.


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